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About Destination

Destination: Bangkok

Bangkok, the exotic capital city of Thailand, is also known as 'City of Angels', the real melting pot of the world. From new and old, Western and Eastern, chaotically and peacefully, Bangkok is a total random, where historic temples setting with skyscrapers sits as background.

Bangkok definitely has one of the most breathtaking sites in Asia, where you can visit solid golden Buddha, the sacred Grand Palace and hit the world most famous bars and night entertainment within the same day. The city that suits for everyone, from a conservative cultural enthusiasts to nocturnal party-goer.

As a home often millions people squeezing this little city, this has made Bangkok as refreshing and lively as possible. From state-of-the-art service to street-sidewalk, Bangkok offers a range of services that eventually fits for everyone at every range.

One of the most well-known aspect of Thailand is definitely the gourmet. Starting from the best street foods that can be found 24 hours to the deluxe gourmet. The most distinctive is the characteristic of curry and spices that will give out all 6-flavors in one dish. So, indulging of one of the world's best food is definitely "a must" while visiting 'City of Angels'.

From top class to street-side, world's class clubbing to knocks down market, Bangkok would serve the best of you.